Reiki Sessions

Personal Reiki sessions are offered in 30- or 60-minute increments.  Sessions begin at $35.

A relaxing atmosphere will be set in the office, and essential oils may be used.2016-10-02-12-09-53


After a brief intake, you can choose to sit in a chair, or lie on a massage table.  The practitioner will lightly lay her hands on, or hover them above, you as she works with your energy system.  Many clients will report physical sensations of tingling or warmth.  Some will “see” colors as they relax.  Others may even fall asleep!2016-10-02-12-21-282016-10-02-13-15-24After your session, your practitioner will review any issues that were addressed, make appropriate referrals to other professionals, and sometimes provide “homework” exercises.  All of this will be e-mailed to you for your reference.

Sessions can be very emotional for some people.  Reiki is an excellent addition to counseling and other emotional therapies.