No, seriously, you’re awesome.

I've seen several clients recently who have been going through rough times in their lives.  They are able to speak openly and vulnerably about their struggles, and they are doing their best to move forward.  For many of them, as I touch the energy near their ears, the thought, "Needs more kind words," pops into my head.  When I relay this to the client, there are often tears and the realization of truth.  As I reflect on those words, I realize I could use more kind words myself, and ... Continue Reading

Meditate?!? …….. Turning “Ughhhh” to “Ok”

Me: "For your homework, I want you to do this meditation..." Client: ( in an excessively exasperated, NBC's 30 Rock's Liz Lemon-like voice) "You want me to MEDITATE?! Ughhhhh!  I'm not good at that.  I can't sit still that long.  I have kids.  My mind wanders.  My house is never quiet.  I don't want my partner to think I'm all 'woo-woo' and doing 'weird stuff.'"  (etc, etc, etc)Almost everyone who has taken my class or come for a session knows - I'm a fan of meditation.  I especially ... Continue Reading

Welcome to the new blog page!

From time to time I notice a shared theme underlying the healings my clients receive. I figure - if they're all feeling the same thing, maybe you are too! I will be using this space to discuss topics that come up in sessions and classes, and to add tips for people who have already received the Level I and II attunements. I will also consider suggestions, so drop me an email ( if there's something you'd like to hear more about! Check back soon for the first entry! Continue Reading